Hello everyone !!! :) Short appeal to users HQCC ... HELP FOR US. !!! As you may know, the forum is placed on a paid server as well as other costs for this pleasure. We decided to ask you, as members of this forum for help, namely, we ask for every penny that will certainly help us. in gratitude for their help in your hand, we created a range "Donators", which will allow the people who helped us, have access to the entire forum. If you would like to donate, please send to our pay-pal Thanks for your help. :) Please, in the title specify your forum username. HQCC edit: $ 5 - one month (full access to the forum) $ 50 - 12 months (full access to the forum) - You can also gain access to the full forum by becoming VIP or some sections by becoming Special member. Find out more here: - If you wish to use our images please speak to one of the admins about it first. Thank you.

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