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Exclusive Requests FAQ
You can as a VIP, Request any picture from the last 3 days (from the day of your request). When you do this, name the Event (if it's an event) and celebs name(if possible). We will try our best to find the images for you, although it is not guaranteed we will.

For Example: "Requesting Chloe Moretz pictures from Brain On Fire premiere in Toronto"

- You can make 1 request per day

- If and when we find and add the pictures, They will be added to the correct forum section, and the title will be modified with [Completed] and a link will be left inside the thread to the pictures

- So long as there is at least 1 picture found, the requested thread will be marked as completed

- You can request pictures if you are one of the following,
VIP, Donator, Moderator, Super Moderator, Admin.

If we are unable to find pictures for any request after 7 days the thread will be removed.
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