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Ariana Grande - 2016 American Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, CA" - 20 November 2016 (x442) Adds 4
[Image: 6m7nuur.jpg] [Image: H6tdcyJ.jpg] [Image: QXLlbVD.jpg] [Image: TBBm4Cp.jpg] [Image: SYF5Eho.jpg] [Image: EAHEg2u.jpg] [Image: LwIbbQo.jpg] [Image: 2j58vYA.jpg] [Image: Inp10KM.jpg] [Image: Qz7uXp5.jpg] [Image: 9y9zLuT.jpg] [Image: Png8a3o.jpg] [Image: ibqwdoI.jpg] [Image: znSiJAD.jpg] [Image: AcSJuLZ.jpg] [Image: NrbzlVB.jpg] [Image: 1RDv89Z.jpg] [Image: aDiCeyL.jpg] [Image: SvAtKWC.jpg] [Image: iV8e2qW.jpg] [Image: s4Gryep.jpg]

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  • Andrea1974 (11-21-2016), dlewis05 (11-21-2016), HDryR54 (11-21-2016), zibeno7 (11-21-2016), zoroz (11-22-2016)
..More x 35
[Image: wZbl3WH.jpg] [Image: 4LiALWb.jpg] [Image: VLGpiMM.jpg] [Image: YJ5ySNm.jpg] [Image: V1dmpig.jpg] [Image: 7GKJIfm.jpg] [Image: NVSP7I7.jpg] [Image: XKxITKn.jpg] [Image: B3zCRZX.jpg] [Image: m8JwMfH.jpg] [Image: yFQ4zX3.jpg] [Image: MyrbKL9.jpg] [Image: ktEYoy8.jpg] [Image: ldkxwWf.jpg] [Image: GSGDifI.jpg] [Image: UG7VNA0.jpg] [Image: ospQ6Pv.jpg] [Image: ObGdUZg.jpg] [Image: II2iG9L.jpg] [Image: NNtb7hA.jpg] [Image: t58oHhO.jpg] [Image: cTKbCs4.jpg] [Image: fwVy2dJ.jpg] [Image: 7MxiMjG.jpg] [Image: 6zeE77M.jpg] [Image: fhNgfUG.jpg] [Image: liJeSNJ.jpg] [Image: VYlz1SH.jpg] [Image: ixguvQQ.jpg] [Image: 8VoM4WU.jpg] [Image: b2ohlvI.jpg] [Image: mleFXTc.jpg] [Image: 2k2h55U.jpg] [Image: gX6DhPM.jpg] [Image: D7o8YQS.jpg]

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  • Andrea1974 (11-21-2016), dlewis05 (11-21-2016), HDryR54 (11-21-2016), zoroz (11-22-2016)
+ 31

[Image: nRNdDZt.jpg] [Image: fV04bUn.jpg] [Image: CUIUTfC.jpg] [Image: qnsvJSu.jpg] [Image: VFeIiwa.jpg] [Image: 7UL1o4p.jpg] [Image: QP4DsJC.jpg] [Image: 0kWZ7EZ.jpg] [Image: d9dypw5.jpg] [Image: 8qLtIu4.jpg] [Image: 2dlTtnE.jpg] [Image: GTgQ7Vs.jpg] [Image: TVktBZY.jpg] [Image: 4762IUN.jpg] [Image: YxCt1y3.jpg] [Image: OPdNJXf.jpg] [Image: C1Bx7YF.jpg] [Image: ImIh8Mx.jpg] [Image: PpDqXPW.jpg] [Image: 7MpQbpt.jpg] [Image: IDmDAjv.jpg] [Image: 938XrBg.jpg] [Image: xjGF1x8.jpg] [Image: 2PjgwWj.jpg] [Image: nNhFUUo.jpg] [Image: c1WcE2t.jpg] [Image: ndjPrKV.jpg] [Image: 2lNI1Ib.jpg] [Image: yhqfKm2.jpg] [Image: Ew2BgDs.jpg] [Image: D3hMHlS.jpg]
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  • Andrea1974 (11-21-2016), celebs (11-21-2016), dlewis05 (11-21-2016), HDryR54 (11-21-2016), zoroz (11-22-2016)
:ok: Thanks to both plus, 20x

[Image: a61ccf516051614.jpg] [Image: c32cfd516051605.jpg] [Image: f040c3516051707.jpg] [Image: 787171516051758.jpg] [Image: 8ebf85516051861.jpg] [Image: 55c80c516051942.jpg] [Image: d95720516051933.jpg] [Image: b4ebfa516052119.jpg] [Image: d87d71516052033.jpg] [Image: d90d56516052044.jpg] [Image: aeff19516052113.jpg] [Image: 93af24516052176.jpg] [Image: 427e0a516052179.jpg] [Image: f60754516052239.jpg] [Image: 78d51b516052235.jpg] [Image: 055ac9516052390.jpg] [Image: 0cc5e3516052322.jpg] [Image: 24a9b1516052317.jpg] [Image: 7dd886516052376.jpg] [Image: 2ca2cd516052424.jpg]
[-] The following 4 users say Thank You to HDryR54 for this post:
  • Andrea1974 (11-21-2016), celebs (11-21-2016), dlewis05 (11-21-2016), zoroz (11-22-2016)
..More x 335
[Image: ecZjkFD.jpg] [Image: q63MaIY.jpg] [Image: NWimpky.jpg] [Image: hMjKGlY.jpg] [Image: 7mjy7mO.jpg] [Image: tU62UVc.jpg] [Image: BrtxwfX.jpg] [Image: YCLE0az.jpg] [Image: YKdBaCY.jpg] [Image: syLschn.jpg] [Image: QG4Uvfv.jpg] [Image: T024Kz6.jpg] [Image: t01khUi.jpg] [Image: YaQpvtN.jpg] [Image: 3ZHmrlN.jpg] [Image: yC1p8Rh.jpg] [Image: IF77rmZ.jpg] [Image: Zd1iPvv.jpg] [Image: DDdZYyi.jpg] [Image: q2HIQN4.jpg] [Image: dwy4Wzg.jpg] [Image: CLeWefp.jpg] [Image: VIiVmWt.jpg] [Image: L4Non4Q.jpg] [Image: tslfDRQ.jpg] [Image: 8LGVGQY.jpg] [Image: XpX1ErP.jpg] [Image: F850sJe.jpg] [Image: HMjV8o0.jpg] [Image: h70JOG4.jpg] [Image: uz8KrFj.jpg] [Image: 8wa5BfY.jpg] [Image: elj88WR.jpg] [Image: K6ZGaZl.jpg] [Image: UiQNIg0.jpg] [Image: Ubag98m.jpg] [Image: bngKhc0.jpg] [Image: txnYuJ5.jpg] [Image: USfVCCO.jpg] [Image: gMIJfLz.jpg] [Image: NXJIRp9.jpg] [Image: h9eNpoK.jpg] [Image: 49H8w62.jpg] [Image: 6NUQk0H.jpg] [Image: vmu0kpR.jpg] [Image: SY8l94c.jpg] [Image: zbkwmVw.jpg] [Image: 1haPJLk.jpg] [Image: 9oyqkFF.jpg] [Image: Dpo9aVQ.jpg] [Image: ngHMIy2.jpg] [Image: nKIzn5l.jpg] [Image: Ajfy3nt.jpg] [Image: QX7EARo.jpg] [Image: Hg9QQab.jpg] [Image: L2CT1Gx.jpg] [Image: tsRZBuK.jpg] [Image: JWccGzF.jpg] [Image: h4rFwXb.jpg] [Image: XR93uHD.jpg] [Image: cYtsOuj.jpg] [Image: Ai2viAt.jpg] [Image: PUFwrzg.jpg] [Image: gV7SAvl.jpg] [Image: c1Mvp0k.jpg] [Image: nZWUrQ5.jpg] [Image: Ch5dPGt.jpg] [Image: vBFl8K4.jpg] [Image: ayD7cnN.jpg] [Image: v5GGnCI.jpg] [Image: N6nRC6g.jpg] [Image: 7dmP2k0.jpg] [Image: LAHFhiy.jpg] [Image: nelellU.jpg] [Image: rVwhGU0.jpg] [Image: CNMnRyZ.jpg] [Image: bJcbXBr.jpg] [Image: BFY3dmr.jpg] [Image: AfyP4KH.jpg] [Image: DGkPmZ7.jpg] [Image: 8eUcqz4.jpg] [Image: gBa3zja.jpg] [Image: 9XV5usj.jpg] [Image: h43yT1M.jpg] [Image: QZSjkzL.jpg] [Image: jFDXhQE.jpg] [Image: 3l6JIGi.jpg] [Image: V0Rzlc5.jpg] [Image: wlGKbNE.jpg] [Image: R70spBX.jpg] [Image: zh1N6Nx.jpg] [Image: N9xG8jJ.jpg] [Image: xEHKuGK.jpg] [Image: dVe0cRt.jpg] [Image: y0JUHg1.jpg] [Image: Z5HS5KG.jpg] [Image: wR45B8t.jpg] [Image: ALur6yA.jpg] [Image: 1hklmU6.jpg] [Image: grrKIE3.jpg] [Image: UdrAKAQ.jpg] [Image: 09O0aQv.jpg] [Image: tPuBJoZ.jpg] [Image: sfBd6jD.jpg] [Image: ON6kYLx.jpg] [Image: GGxzX5x.jpg] [Image: AzfHrIx.jpg] [Image: Hq3yuQr.jpg] [Image: ilzZiqh.jpg] [Image: C63Jx4C.jpg] [Image: tsQupeZ.jpg] [Image: duBMP7P.jpg] [Image: BDM0KEE.jpg] [Image: X0GgbEl.jpg] [Image: leX8wmn.jpg] [Image: AqVFjD6.jpg] [Image: 0Kta72A.jpg] [Image: ATDAh7x.jpg] [Image: Cv8GVd4.jpg] [Image: jWAHr8h.jpg] [Image: scFlzQH.jpg] [Image: Hh1VCkv.jpg] [Image: xpyblJ0.jpg] [Image: YuT3Rdv.jpg] [Image: bsuxDSG.jpg] [Image: YjwhHWU.jpg] [Image: Q9jzcR4.jpg] [Image: Fko6Z07.jpg] [Image: rzrYQkm.jpg] [Image: Bw5L2yy.jpg] [Image: FXLyqPD.jpg] [Image: MlE8wbJ.jpg] [Image: CVM2x7k.jpg] [Image: 0aa1Jc2.jpg] [Image: hDClnEC.jpg] [Image: KnUORit.jpg] [Image: m6Hc2r1.jpg] [Image: b0EwGDm.jpg] [Image: Bymmlgy.jpg] [Image: GUp8n2Z.jpg] [Image: izDl1wt.jpg] [Image: zltwLbV.jpg] [Image: DsrKjG2.jpg] [Image: XxtvEkg.jpg] [Image: QCUwrDG.jpg] [Image: 0HOGHY6.jpg] [Image: l73jYuo.jpg] [Image: NbINaX6.jpg] [Image: SZDHknA.jpg] [Image: CTXJbfk.jpg] [Image: C2h6kCc.jpg] [Image: 6vCoUTc.jpg] [Image: A3pCUTY.jpg] [Image: 5Chma3x.jpg] [Image: UkbVq4r.jpg] [Image: 3QEqkPL.jpg] [Image: rnbX7rW.jpg] [Image: 2lnrxHO.jpg] [Image: fDuhtlr.jpg] [Image: yDl0vtX.jpg] [Image: 2qW46dk.jpg] [Image: TM52czd.jpg] [Image: 6xskh61.jpg] [Image: MqLFGdp.jpg] [Image: gER3Zbr.jpg] [Image: icYOBvc.jpg] [Image: yrbSZbc.jpg] [Image: XJZ9uUG.jpg] [Image: fSvhw1T.jpg] [Image: mIE7lwu.jpg] [Image: TWYJn3d.jpg] [Image: dQksROP.jpg] [Image: XnpHYF9.jpg] [Image: 6xPWlFU.jpg] [Image: 88Fz375.jpg] [Image: RGmKZA9.jpg] [Image: k26g1dv.jpg] [Image: dEN3hqM.jpg] [Image: v4G041Q.jpg] [Image: c7WSKn4.jpg] [Image: ZqyI26m.jpg] [Image: DgwslMs.jpg] [Image: EjPvwaV.jpg] [Image: zmInWxm.jpg] [Image: G6gsW9u.jpg] [Image: onpaYHr.jpg] [Image: U9jg2qf.jpg] [Image: QqRq0bR.jpg] [Image: tQqVpbV.jpg] [Image: lgLvSK3.jpg] [Image: gNFc1xj.jpg] [Image: 16hyKMF.jpg] [Image: M45Sv5i.jpg] [Image: qrO4xLa.jpg] [Image: 3VsKc90.jpg] [Image: escJNPL.jpg] [Image: DfwM5Vb.jpg] [Image: 5jjOASv.jpg] [Image: HfLJdxs.jpg] [Image: RVch8Ku.jpg] [Image: 2bIpoio.jpg] [Image: mNlGZzh.jpg] [Image: 1pUuvg7.jpg] [Image: bjZrAEl.jpg] [Image: WGQiEHA.jpg] [Image: dwItwmh.jpg] [Image: 8Lk0iNU.jpg] [Image: mmTHhqx.jpg] [Image: 41hoSkz.jpg] [Image: rzQXwWg.jpg] [Image: LGuROdR.jpg] [Image: VLNiMbh.jpg] [Image: NLmiH6V.jpg] [Image: eiSaFxW.jpg] [Image: V3t5Te3.jpg] [Image: RQeJHX6.jpg] [Image: kHZQIiN.jpg] [Image: 3rukdBG.jpg] [Image: jWB3HbU.jpg] [Image: vp2B4cD.jpg] [Image: yS5kHrW.jpg] [Image: biehvMI.jpg] [Image: Bnm8Yz4.jpg] [Image: GqpAlnN.jpg] [Image: XCLPSv9.jpg] [Image: Na6LQtZ.jpg] [Image: aWUTuSd.jpg] [Image: r3d3AmB.jpg] [Image: jNsfY8d.jpg] [Image: iSwIUJT.jpg] [Image: A7VAmVM.jpg] [Image: ovjbxSV.jpg] [Image: KDE6I0y.jpg] [Image: wZf0BG7.jpg] [Image: iMyNtiF.jpg] [Image: D75zcQu.jpg] [Image: oUGbxWo.jpg] [Image: fndeC3u.jpg] [Image: KXmJWS9.jpg] [Image: ZaEwmEQ.jpg] [Image: jNm5LTX.jpg] [Image: KHkdiZV.jpg] [Image: 7CkvkgF.jpg] [Image: GRbV0qr.jpg] [Image: EZZ6Wlp.jpg] [Image: wG4FsKG.jpg] [Image: SgEf5J5.jpg] [Image: 6ReaOBy.jpg] [Image: WPMd9Xg.jpg] [Image: RiUZ1hx.jpg] [Image: Y5vUuyB.jpg] [Image: sap2DTZ.jpg] [Image: VoxpUeJ.jpg] [Image: kaq2Stv.jpg] [Image: 0yCg4fM.jpg] [Image: JoXYEGK.jpg] [Image: Qi3MZ7M.jpg] [Image: Dzbsvwd.jpg] [Image: A6jzhP0.jpg] [Image: CMCPC0f.jpg] [Image: nTsdJcz.jpg] [Image: VTkeJJ8.jpg] [Image: 4S0fTg8.jpg] [Image: 4TkecLj.jpg] [Image: izh1tq3.jpg] [Image: 5E7HPXQ.jpg] [Image: lLx3UiS.jpg] [Image: sIjwETc.jpg] [Image: wolc3fm.jpg] [Image: Vcr77Bd.jpg] [Image: IUDKFu0.jpg] [Image: XQwSmOt.jpg] [Image: TgTH7OH.jpg] [Image: dL6crOX.jpg] [Image: K6fvQqA.jpg] [Image: BAt4i6o.jpg] [Image: VTLCtdB.jpg] [Image: qZyltwT.jpg] [Image: RQqkxJ0.jpg] [Image: 5OF7BZJ.jpg] [Image: y975ISV.jpg] [Image: 8jzrRJO.jpg] [Image: ltQ7v84.jpg] [Image: oQs4ZlH.jpg] [Image: 1X9BcxK.jpg] [Image: OjkiJlB.jpg] [Image: TwfkZ5v.jpg] [Image: iKVLYmj.jpg] [Image: IMu9djs.jpg] [Image: nsK5fjj.jpg] [Image: sBs9mEh.jpg] [Image: 4HEKs86.jpg] [Image: NOUaGCO.jpg] [Image: TuBES8n.jpg] [Image: 9VXRBe1.jpg] [Image: cvVzK6C.jpg] [Image: br9Eke7.jpg] [Image: Ra0diO2.jpg] [Image: ZKpLt0d.jpg] [Image: SKKOTaW.jpg] [Image: zxAcRzg.jpg] [Image: jWASanG.jpg] [Image: 90ecm0B.jpg] [Image: Wwg7U9w.jpg] [Image: 7Rjo29A.jpg] [Image: wk59YQ9.jpg] [Image: R3hcme0.jpg] [Image: TEamTwk.jpg] [Image: ADPmgj2.jpg] [Image: uiOMYfC.jpg] [Image: ngzdkc7.jpg] [Image: GZuAs9p.jpg] [Image: 4cVzCa2.jpg] [Image: bQNt4cW.jpg] [Image: hNteQIk.jpg] [Image: Ucn5CpX.jpg] [Image: ptcLtE4.jpg] [Image: eM1cj1X.jpg] [Image: 2RUwzJP.jpg] [Image: kHUa8GX.jpg] [Image: SB6c3BU.jpg] [Image: CnglXR0.jpg] [Image: Vm9S3i7.jpg] [Image: Dwj0FLo.jpg] [Image: AQBB7A6.jpg] [Image: Kbqh0LH.jpg] [Image: WhyyBLc.jpg] [Image: uXTey8P.jpg] [Image: iLXOB6z.jpg] [Image: dQd9e1Z.jpg] [Image: hF4AHZL.jpg] [Image: QZ0jZC5.jpg] [Image: sIWf52c.jpg] [Image: EPJ00FZ.jpg] [Image: JaE6BHO.jpg]

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  • Andrea1974 (11-21-2016), dlewis05 (11-22-2016), HDryR54 (11-21-2016), satinaddict (11-22-2016), zoroz (11-22-2016)

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