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Nina Dobrev - 2016 American Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, CA" - 20 November 2016 (x306) Adds 4
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[Image: Iqbb2PB.jpg] [Image: RZ5UW0S.jpg] [Image: ang09UM.jpg] [Image: gmNolLO.jpg] [Image: vlUg7oS.jpg]

[Image: BfnjrZN.jpg] [Image: 4DxHvYe.jpg] [Image: y9NkSTE.jpg] [Image: VWuNKPu.jpg] [Image: c9hI0i3.jpg] [Image: qOOHaK4.jpg] [Image: FTWANlQ.jpg] [Image: 0dJWSRM.jpg] [Image: HJpqVem.jpg] [Image: enWxyvT.jpg] [Image: hda1VEk.jpg] [Image: SJMeVwI.jpg] [Image: EfhEyO6.jpg] [Image: WbzbBIe.jpg] [Image: tgezikf.jpg] [Image: yNR2eVs.jpg] [Image: u9QQ67C.jpg] [Image: Ray1g05.jpg] [Image: 4Wxa9Gr.jpg] [Image: HFnWj6F.jpg] [Image: h6hyeBZ.jpg] [Image: YjbWo5a.jpg] [Image: XLCv9zL.jpg]

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[Image: MrBqErU.jpg] [Image: f820B68.jpg] [Image: Kbzfgzs.jpg] [Image: jHyervk.jpg] [Image: PnkIl9T.jpg] [Image: dp3YhgU.jpg] [Image: LvL0kWu.jpg] [Image: PF2FI1F.jpg] [Image: QB7vtbP.jpg] [Image: oQiNcBt.jpg] [Image: nphQ3ul.jpg] [Image: KZ8abHJ.jpg] [Image: Urt5sX0.jpg] [Image: pI9RUSs.jpg] [Image: 6v8zLnl.jpg] [Image: iSTT9iR.jpg] [Image: kgp7B5Q.jpg] [Image: FtaLAaM.jpg] [Image: 2kLeuVh.jpg] [Image: T580ovS.jpg] [Image: AL5Bokh.jpg] [Image: JRoNld5.jpg] [Image: nzdf6zD.jpg] [Image: FtLMvpD.jpg] [Image: Plrr655.jpg] [Image: uXOGRHO.jpg] [Image: FX0kG5g.jpg] [Image: v5yXRO3.jpg] [Image: dpeHSkA.jpg] [Image: np83yL6.jpg] [Image: zlmjDLI.jpg] [Image: oKLpR5P.jpg] [Image: cLXqtCi.jpg]

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  • dlewis05 (11-21-2016), Eyes of Horus (11-21-2016), geccelover (11-21-2016), HDryR54 (11-21-2016), miesha (11-21-2016), siteone (11-21-2016), zoroz (11-22-2016)
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[Image: 4a6411515971016.jpg] [Image: b9d39c515971023.jpg] [Image: bd0a51515971034.jpg] [Image: 53099f515971044.jpg] [Image: 53099f515971051.jpg] [Image: 5928f0515971059.jpg] [Image: 785d39515971065.jpg] [Image: d31eaf515971068.jpg] [Image: e8d958515971074.jpg] [Image: f4bdef515971077.jpg] [Image: c8c2e3515971083.jpg] [Image: 65c755515971091.jpg] [Image: d9afdd515971094.jpg] [Image: e3ef77515971102.jpg] [Image: 62b285515971108.jpg] [Image: 384362515971117.jpg] [Image: 1ac1fb515971126.jpg] [Image: 89c452515971146.jpg] [Image: 8c1c43515971160.jpg] [Image: 721c6f515971172.jpg] [Image: 262f12515971183.jpg] [Image: 112fe1515971196.jpg] [Image: c9bc4b515971208.jpg] [Image: 71e12e515971234.jpg] [Image: 277549515971246.jpg] [Image: 33e755515971255.jpg] [Image: c3441a515971266.jpg] [Image: 8b9135515971277.jpg] [Image: ef74bb515971288.jpg] [Image: be58f3515971302.jpg] [Image: 863f81515971317.jpg] [Image: 1af8d8515971330.jpg] [Image: c9cf58515971337.jpg] [Image: 0ce553515971345.jpg] [Image: e1138c515971352.jpg] [Image: 52615c515971358.jpg] [Image: d063e9515971364.jpg] [Image: f8d852515971370.jpg] [Image: 0876f1515971378.jpg] [Image: 56c3bc515971388.jpg] [Image: 61910d515971401.jpg] [Image: 99ae26515971410.jpg] [Image: 0de533515971418.jpg] [Image: 168730515971426.jpg] [Image: faa6d5515971435.jpg] [Image: 7686ee515971445.jpg] [Image: 6992c9515971456.jpg]
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:ok: Thanks to both, plus 16x

[Image: ecc5bf516061360.jpg] [Image: 68c18e516061363.jpg] [Image: 2e925f516061414.jpg] [Image: 48fc85516061391.jpg] [Image: 390478516061387.jpg] [Image: 69d839516061464.jpg] [Image: 907d52516061418.jpg] [Image: c964d4516061441.jpg] [Image: 5f3db4516061446.jpg] [Image: 0bb6b8516061513.jpg] [Image: eec4c9516061506.jpg] [Image: 0dea59516061638.jpg] [Image: dbd312516061546.jpg] [Image: ade300516061569.jpg] [Image: d7a93e516061626.jpg] [Image: 899d6e516061666.jpg]
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  • celebs (11-21-2016), dlewis05 (11-21-2016), Eyes of Horus (11-21-2016), zoroz (11-22-2016)
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[Image: JPUo7ly.jpg] [Image: 6TShpsm.jpg] [Image: 9fPyaA8.jpg] [Image: ZVZtxTi.jpg] [Image: izlrAUd.jpg] [Image: QbW3rUp.jpg] [Image: HPRDAjt.jpg] [Image: tIzsuKy.jpg] [Image: e2y9Mk5.jpg] [Image: 7rh3aeB.jpg] [Image: 0rhSt5i.jpg] [Image: LTsVIcL.jpg] [Image: LhEvDnU.jpg] [Image: En3xjX3.jpg] [Image: ZHjgjEP.jpg] [Image: mN2e8dL.jpg] [Image: M4C1x7q.jpg] [Image: d0XRJ98.jpg] [Image: 9zWVlE1.jpg] [Image: EWq94eF.jpg] [Image: 0ghCEcp.jpg] [Image: L0aYRNO.jpg] [Image: x8nnsL7.jpg] [Image: MVaDsGa.jpg] [Image: 1VptnOc.jpg] [Image: CQR5PNY.jpg] [Image: s9Ok8DX.jpg] [Image: zdF85MP.jpg] [Image: jzC9tLQ.jpg] [Image: VJOOLOQ.jpg] [Image: 3VUETst.jpg] [Image: 1fPCfF8.jpg] [Image: 350JwPU.jpg] [Image: 3pZvvNt.jpg] [Image: NNXDT45.jpg] [Image: J5Q4VXy.jpg] [Image: iRbHyUq.jpg] [Image: 6sNDmE3.jpg] [Image: Ax0clCX.jpg] [Image: Szf7sM7.jpg] [Image: Yo4VAsb.jpg] [Image: n6leCoL.jpg] [Image: 8UQf7jb.jpg] [Image: B10IniC.jpg] [Image: 9cQ1iwu.jpg] [Image: vdcyqJj.jpg] [Image: 73GMBG5.jpg] [Image: HtCclzt.jpg] [Image: XOzWx1Q.jpg] [Image: 7NkUPQz.jpg] [Image: pgDMAgI.jpg] [Image: t9Pj4GK.jpg] [Image: ueU76Y6.jpg] [Image: nTzYuzV.jpg] [Image: 3ytcXEt.jpg] [Image: lOcvtAB.jpg] [Image: RhYaPos.jpg] [Image: BrdmxUT.jpg] [Image: uLF3LEO.jpg] [Image: UOfLbFg.jpg] [Image: OlEMsBI.jpg] [Image: DQ9qGrI.jpg] [Image: dTVVj0T.jpg] [Image: 3RGlVSI.jpg] [Image: zu5zjMX.jpg] [Image: 3FYoqTD.jpg] [Image: CDRgQRZ.jpg] [Image: FnOzM8B.jpg] [Image: w2qM9dr.jpg] [Image: V78BHNI.jpg] [Image: 6VCBkem.jpg] [Image: IlBY0XH.jpg] [Image: v3awmnQ.jpg] [Image: 2xsbAvQ.jpg] [Image: twsqees.jpg] [Image: 5m9e5ql.jpg] [Image: 8A95Lex.jpg] [Image: GQB9nDP.jpg] [Image: oJzTd0O.jpg] [Image: wfWolTE.jpg] [Image: 0PNbNw3.jpg] [Image: 6XING7o.jpg] [Image: MDAF5c4.jpg] [Image: A3iliQw.jpg] [Image: oWTbAjY.jpg] [Image: vk1mB8d.jpg] [Image: juKi83F.jpg] [Image: Tpo6Zw4.jpg] [Image: In7MsKu.jpg] [Image: CYdhjog.jpg] [Image: ubJZNaU.jpg] [Image: ej7pVRy.jpg] [Image: 4tkRB1P.jpg] [Image: sdfGqhF.jpg] [Image: 3nuXoRa.jpg] [Image: xXFKxtH.jpg] [Image: gN1xRvy.jpg] [Image: Gx8zfFL.jpg] [Image: LjTVDt3.jpg] [Image: 3Wmrdou.jpg] [Image: X1Isn1J.jpg] [Image: DzHWA8x.jpg] [Image: wEKTufV.jpg] [Image: 4Q1uWhr.jpg] [Image: BnzmL5t.jpg] [Image: bcYBLSu.jpg] [Image: 3ixds6D.jpg] [Image: cakTWWQ.jpg] [Image: r2QeAuK.jpg] [Image: edm9pme.jpg] [Image: 0ojwQP8.jpg] [Image: 6rAj5fz.jpg] [Image: 45BJGo3.jpg] [Image: MxA7Jvz.jpg] [Image: HyPf1Hm.jpg] [Image: PQr8ECr.jpg] [Image: Tyynupr.jpg] [Image: rMzywFE.jpg] [Image: jDO7fTE.jpg] [Image: dauc1Qg.jpg] [Image: 182gaGw.jpg] [Image: BZPPka1.jpg] [Image: kCqdFCj.jpg] [Image: tyOPEB3.jpg] [Image: aRJwqAZ.jpg] [Image: dQ4ayfx.jpg] [Image: 0niADQX.jpg] [Image: Tvfb2Gw.jpg] [Image: tmijArG.jpg] [Image: DpLMNmW.jpg] [Image: H4irELF.jpg] [Image: 0ly2lIL.jpg] [Image: F66I8cq.jpg] [Image: gSI58vL.jpg] [Image: pgAFPeP.jpg] [Image: gjkMhli.jpg] [Image: 1ta9Eau.jpg] [Image: 8vsFNbu.jpg] [Image: Qyz5C0C.jpg] [Image: WqSRO2e.jpg] [Image: xjbVHpg.jpg] [Image: xptSeew.jpg] [Image: vzrkpOD.jpg] [Image: n67gnKf.jpg] [Image: 0CV1jvn.jpg] [Image: v13PM1A.jpg] [Image: j9ZNNXT.jpg] [Image: cMB1y6S.jpg] [Image: 1RCgX2L.jpg] [Image: w0OWzeG.jpg] [Image: AVcq9lR.jpg] [Image: evK5G8X.jpg] [Image: D1F7ggJ.jpg] [Image: kX8HlXB.jpg] [Image: F2uDyH3.jpg] [Image: amDlPTo.jpg] [Image: EMEf73N.jpg] [Image: G1vuXW6.jpg] [Image: pLgPpaa.jpg] [Image: f7qSLjK.jpg] [Image: Pa8g0NW.jpg] [Image: HcubIEO.jpg] [Image: DrHDNI2.jpg] [Image: D4bnpho.jpg] [Image: 9wAHTJN.jpg] [Image: SHzQ2Rm.jpg] [Image: GbQ0bQv.jpg] [Image: 00fHVg5.jpg] [Image: C7rOiaX.jpg] [Image: jL7WvqP.jpg] [Image: QtspN33.jpg] [Image: RrqJS0X.jpg] [Image: g9vVT0q.jpg] [Image: bx3K68T.jpg] [Image: 5eWA7h4.jpg] [Image: RezWbQF.jpg] [Image: qJpGlwm.jpg] [Image: HwquN9b.jpg] [Image: y0G02k3.jpg] [Image: 6tHLZfN.jpg] [Image: eNdoOZW.jpg] [Image: Bzgunmo.jpg] [Image: m4N3m3C.jpg] [Image: 36KAELW.jpg] [Image: ytCOAMS.jpg]

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